Bob McCloskey


Bob McCloskey’s commitment to the natural world is reflected in the depth of his photography. His work shows an understanding of an interconnected universe where every corner of our environment is meaningful and sacred. Celebrate the wonder of the world through his lens.



Skytree Smith

Glass Artist

My work is influenced by and often reflects nature. As the planet is, my work is either bright, colourful, and whimsical or earthy and grounded. In many cases, my work does not resemble glass, but rather glazed pottery. It is an interesting thing to alter the chemical make-up and therefore appearance of glass based on the composition of my working flame.


Thyme after Time

Radouan Abou-Faysal

A blend of thyme, sumac and roasted sesame seeds, zaatar is a Middle Eastern specialty to be combined with olive oil and eaten with bread. Learn from the Lebanese Professor Radouan how to make Man’ooshe on the Saj. So delicious...

A proud Canadian, Radouan practices the art of Lebanese poetry and promotes the flavours of Lebanon.


Rob Mitchell


Rob is a singer/songwriter from Guelph Ontario applauded for his thoughtful lyrics and original lyrics.

Rob will be performing at Buzzfest on Saturday.

The Northern Goddess

Eva Staszczak

The Northern Goddess is a natural, creative and handmade bath and body company. All products are made in micro-batches to ensure quality and freshness. All products are created with unique recipes.


My Crafty Neighbour

Tara McCreadie & Laura Meakings

My Crafty Neighbour specializes in hand crafted, hand painted wooden signs and decor items such as growth charts, clocks, wine racks, wooden trays and mason jar decor. Indoor and outdoor options available. Custom orders welcome.


                My Crafty Neighbour on facebook

The Urban Lumberjack

Melissa DeCiantis

The Urban Lumberjack is a Hamilton based company that uses only local and reclaimed wood to create art and home decor. What sets us apart is that our artists are the arborists that have been with your piece every step of the way. From climbing and removing a standing tree, to milling logs, down to the final touches of the artwork, this method ensures your new art piece will have only been through two sets of hands when it reaches your home. We specialize in custom artwork that fuses rustic and modern, while emphasizing the beauty of our local trees. 


Auntie’s Grove

Auntie’s Grove is a premiere example of the quality in Mennonite production. All products are made in small batches, using time-honoured traditions of craftsmanship and care.

The entire Aunties Grove product line is handmade, and includes jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, relishes, salsa, and pickles. The family behind these great products take pride in the ingredients they use, sourcing from local farms and artisans.

Soup Girl

Jennifer Clark

The Soup Girl dry soup mixes were developed with the aim of creating healthy, delicious, vegetarian foods that are suitable for busy lifestyles. Fourteen tasty and unique flavours filled with simple wholesome ingredients. Each artfully created jar makes eight cups of soup, just add water and cook for an hour.


September 21st & 22nd

11:00 am to 5:00 pm

The Olivar Corp

Dolores Smith

Change your life with amazing fresh tasting premium olive oils and vinegars sold direct by an internationally trained olive oil expert during Buzzfest at below store prices. These are true expressions of the best that nature can offer us...UNIMAGINABLE UNTIL TASTED.


Jolanta’s Designs in Clay

Jolanta Jung

Jolanta Jung is primarily a ceramic artist, who for the past several years has been experimenting with combining many different materials with clay, such as wood, glass, and leather. Jolanta will be selling decorative tableware such as platters, bowls, small plates, vases and wall pieces.



Tanya Ellacott, Dianne Gagnon, Jennifer Sutoski

Triuseh represents the combined efforts of three creative souls who enjoy spending time together. The art of making, knitting, sewing, crocheting and crafting has forged our bonds of friendship. We also love to laugh!



Art Pensee

Anna Gajkowska

Oil art on canvas painting of floral and nature subjects inspired by the artists own photographs.


Imperfect 10 Stuffed Creations

Ronda Corrigan & Tenley Lemay

Memory bears are the perfect way for you to remember a loved one.  Send us a loved ones shirt, an old fur coat, baby’s sleepers, blankets and more and we will take it and turn it into a memory bear that you can always cherish.   Looking for something other than a bear, just let us know what you would like to see! All of our stuffies are made with 100% new polyester fiber fill along with plastic safety eyes and noses.

Visit:    Imperfect 10 on facebook

Aussie Kitchen Gadgets Canada

Connor Mervyn

Peel, slice and shred away any worries with these great kitchen gadgets.

The 3-peeler complete set will help create your favourite healthy meals faster. Built simply and built to last, these peelers come with a 10-year guarantee.


Joan Duncan-McLeish, Angie Klaus, Cathy Wressell

Joan, Angie and Cathy have combined creative forces to offer a wide variety of handcrafted products. Hand painted cards, tea towels, wine bottle bags, doll clothes, cosmetic bags, eye glass cases and jewellery are among their eclectic offerings.



Ben Prowse

ChocoSol crafts Bean-to-Bar chocolates that are Dark, Delicious, Stone-ground, and Nutritious  We trade with our indigenous friends in Southern Mexico to ensure that our chocolates are direct and dignified, equitable and ecological. …  Awesome! 


Spice of Life

Nadia Barrett Griffiths

We use real farm fresh food to create our Hot Sauces and do not feel the need to add any fillers or junk in our products. Real food made for real people. What we came up with is a 100% natural Hot Pepper Sauce that we love and hope that you will too!!


Naina’s Big Eats

Lorraine & Joe Dimech

Naina’s Big Eats is a family run and operated catering company that cooks with heart and locally sourced, high quality ingredients.

They will be offering a delicious luncheon menu at Buzzfest of traditional family favourites.

Cord Progressions

Cord Progressions is a 5 piece muscial group: two guitars, two percussionists and four voices with sweet harmonies, singing original songs that originate from the intersection of pop, rock, country and singer-songwriter. The 4 years that the band has been playing together has melded the group in to a great live act that continues to entertain its listeners.

You can find their album, "It's in the Word's", anywhere you listen to or buy digital music.

Cord Progression will be performing at Buzzfest on Sunday from noon to 1pm.


Matthew and Andrew Oliveira


Matthew and Andrew from the Caledon band Highway 50 will be performing at Buzzfest on Saturday.


Rebel Honey

Colette Mesher

I am a small scale beekeeper focusing on local honey and other hive products. I have hives in Guelph, Kitchener, Erin and Shelbourne. I love raw honey, keeping things simple and giving you exactly what the bees made! I use my own beeswax in my products, helping to purify with candles and reducing plastic waste with cotton wraps.


Tease Cuisine

Josie Ballucci

We offer a unique product line that will give you a convenient solution to creating chef quality meals. We are most famous for our condiments; chutney, relish, marmalade and dry rubs! We offer a wide range of flavours from sweet and savoury to tangy and hot. Our products have no added sugar, are gluten-free and low in sodium.


Zesty Fusions

Zuzana Dagseven

Zesty Fusions specializes in handcrafted samosas and fresh dips.

Tempting varieties of samosas include beef, veggie cheese, chicken cheese and vegan.

Hummus, garlic cheese and fresh cilantro are our featured dips.

Visit:    Zesty Fusions on facebook and instagram

Yknot Woodturning

Hugh Widdup

Hugh’s functional wooden pieces are intended for daily use. Trees are sourced that have either already been cut down or been felled in a storm for his creative work ensuring sound environmental practice. Wood turnings include: small spin tops, pepper mills, ice cream scoops, lidded boxes and bowls.


NH Clay

Nadine Henderson

Nadine’s functional ceramics are at once modern and rustic. Using soft slab and wheel thrown techniques, the final products have a naturally organic look and feel.



Krista Jefferson

JustOne markets fashion accessories handcrafted by African artisans, allowing them to earn an honest, fair wage and overcome poverty. Each purchase makes a statement - with your fashion choices you can speak your values and make a difference! This is World Changing Fashion.


June & Rose Candle Co

Melissa Lester

June & Rose is committed to using ingredients that are good for you and good for our environment. Our candles are made with 100% pure, natural soy wax, a lead-free wick and high-grade fragrance oils, free from harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates. All ingredients are sourced in Canada and hand poured in small batches in Caledon, Ontario.


Gigi’s Foods

Lee Vukson

Oakville’s Gigi’s Foods handcrafts vinaigrette salad dressings in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Unlike most store-bought dressings, Gigi’s does not add sugar, preservatives. xanthan gum, or water. We are currently offering White Balsamic Vinaigrette (our signature), Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette, Apple Cider Vinaigrette and Avocado Vinaigrette.


Mint Jewellery

Stella Hawkins

I use Argentinian silver, sterling silver, 14k gold-filled to ensure quality for my customers. I use a wide variety of stones from national and international sources. My techniques include wire wrapping, woven wire, wire sculpting, soldering and forging.

Each design is created with an eye toward both aesthetics and functionality. I abide by strict quality standards for my jewellery that include balance, quality materials and aesthetic value.

I offer customization on the spot and I have a “portable studio” at the show.


Erins Marlore


Erin’s Marlore is a Celtic trio based out of Southern Ontario. The girls are multi-instrumentalists and vocalists who thrive on engaging with the audience and exploring traditional songs and melodies.

Erins Marlore will be performing at Buzzfest on Sunday.

Yumna Rehman

Yumna will be on site providing complimentary henna. A talented artist, Yumna employs traditional henna methods for authentic results.

Be welcome to leave a tip for this hard working university student.

Choose 2 Be Resilient

Zach Sutherland & Kaya Firth Resiliency Foundation

These beautifully handcrafted pewter pieces make a thoughtful gift to acknowledge someone in your life who has experienced loss or difficult circumstances.  This gift honours their resiliency and lets them know you care.  All proceeds go directly toward supporting scholarships for youth who have been resilient following the loss of a loved one.

For more information please visit:


Student Artists

Talented young artists will be at Buzzfest offering complimentary face painting.

Beautiful, wearable art!

Ula’s Stitches

Urszula Stasikiewicz

Urszula saves new upholstery ends from going to landfill sites and creates stunning unique hand made fabric totes, bags and purses. Her bags are a must have environmentally friendly accessory.

Visit:    ulasstitches on instagram

Summer Kitchen Fine Foods Inc.

Mary Fabiano

Summer Kitchen is an award winning gourmet food company, drawing inspiration from the four corners of the globe, to create an eclectic product line using sustainable local ingredients.

Quality is their standard and flavour their specialty.



Alex Smyth

Alex and Glen Smyth produce high quality crabapple jelly and crabapple mixers. Crabapples grown on their farm are hand picked and never sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. Their natural products are made with simple ingredients with no artificial colours or sweeteners.